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Inhofe Statement on the President's FY 2014 Budget Request


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today made the following statement in response to President Obama's fiscal year 2014 budget request:

"As we have come to expect, the President's budget request today is all fantasy and comes nowhere close to addressing the reality of our unstable economy. It spends $46.5 trillion over the next ten years, never cuts spending, and never balances. He raises taxes by $1.1 trillion on hardworking Americans. He targets the oil and gas industry with $40.7 billion in tax hikes, further proof that the President is doing everything he can to wage an all out war on fossil fuels. Under the President's budget the nation would add $8.2 trillion in new debt and will ultimately cause the country to spend more on interest payments than on national defense.

"When it comes to his budget request for defense, the President failed to address the unprecedented resource challenges facing our military and failed to even acknowledge the mandatory cuts associated with sequestration. It's time this President finally confronts the true cause of our growing and unsustainable debt, which is his unsustainable growth in mandatory spending and unbridled domestic spending. If we want America to remain the greatest nation on earth with a wealth of opportunities for future generations, we need to cut spending, balance the budget, and ensure a strong national defense."

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