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Rate Shock and the President's Takeover of Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BURGESS. Mr. Speaker, well, here we are. The Affordable Care Act is going to be 3 years old in just a few days, and we're continuing to uncover things within the law that nobody knew about. Remember all the stuff that was sold to the public because it was going to be ``free''? But we all know nothing is free, so how do you pay for it?

Well, it turns out there's going to be tax on insurance companies and taxes on employers which, guess what? That's going to be passed on to the employees and the beneficiaries. The deadline is quickly approaching and plans are submitting their bids, but they're faced with no choice but to raise costs.

In response to the rate increases, the Federal Government is attempting to limit higher premiums by something they call rate review. But anytime you treat only the symptom of a disease and not the underlying cause, you're going to end up with something you didn't expect.

Continued regulatory pressure--continued pressure on employers and continued pressure on insurance plans--is going to result in actually further increasing rates. The government is attempting to control the market. But we all know this market is one the government cannot control, and the end result is that we'll all suffer.

Let's face it. Instead of ``if you like what you have, you can keep it,'' what they really meant to say was ``you're going to pay a lot more to get a lot less.''

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