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Fleming on Obama Budget: Dead on Arrival


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement today, in response to the President's FY2014 budget:

"Now we know why the president was two months late with his budget. He was hoping we forgot about his $600 billion tax increase from January before his new budget would propose another tax hike of almost $600 billion. The Obama plan adds more than $5 trillion to our $16.8 trillion national debt, does not offer a balanced budget even once over the next ten years, and spends $600 billion more in 2014 than the budget passed by Senate Democrats. Here's the bottom line: When the president claims he wants long-range deficit reduction, that really means he wants massive tax increases to keep feeding Washington spending. This budget has the same prognosis in Congress as previous Obama budgets: dead on arrival."

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