Scalise: Obama's Budget is a Bracket Buster for American Families


By:  Steve Scalise
Date: April 10, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement after President Obama finally released his budget for FY 2014.

"While President Obama was on time with his Final Four picks, his budget is a bracket buster for American families that is 65 days late, calls for more job-killing taxes and regulations, and never even balances," Scalise said. "President Obama's budget represents a complete failure of leadership. Washington must stop spending money it doesn't have and finally start living within its means.

"The federal government doesn't have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. President Obama got more than $600 billion in new tax hikes just a few months ago, not to mention more than $1 trillion in new taxes in Obamacare, and now he's back again for more while refusing to make any attempts to balance a budget or control the growth of federal spending that is jeopardizing the future of our country. It's time for the President to abandon his failed tax and spend agenda and finally get to work growing the economy and balancing the budget."

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