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Governor Susana Martinez Signs Legislation to Ease Tax Burden on Elderly and Disabled New Mexicans

Press Release

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Governor Susana Martinez announced today that she has signed Senate Bill 289, providing a five-year property tax freeze for low-income seniors and disabled individuals in single-family homes. The legislation also provides for penalties for individuals who attempt to violate or abuse the tax freeze.

"Many New Mexico seniors and disabled individuals are struggling to get by on a fixed income," said Governor Martinez. "This will help to provide some stability and predictability -- something we all want when we make a budget. Elderly and disabled New Mexicans deserve to know that we are looking out for them and providing some relief during these uncertain times."

Governor Martinez also announced that she signed Senate Bill 372, allowing the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to issue cease and desist orders to individuals violating the Barbers and Cosmetologists Act and the Body Art Safe Practices Act. The legislation follows up on a Regulation and Licensing Department effort in 2012 to crack down on unlicensed businesses, including tattoo parlors. RLD found noncompliant and unsterile facilities, but lacked the authority to shut those businesses down while they made steps toward compliance. Instead, according to law, the businesses could stay open for 30 days while taking steps toward compliance. SB 372 will allow the board to close those businesses immediately in the interest of public health and safety and allow them to re-open once proper steps have been taken. SB 372 also allows the board to issue fines of up to $1,000 for violations such as obtaining or attempting to obtain a fraudulent license and fraudulently practicing under an assumed name.

"It's unacceptable that a business would be allowed to operate when we know that their practices are endangering the health and safety of their customers," the governor added. "This is an important step that allows us to protect New Mexicans while giving these businesses a chance to clean up their act -- without endangering customers in the process."

Governor Martinez has also acted on the following legislation:

SIGNED HB 53 -- Teacher Loan Repayment Act
SIGNED HB 54 -- School Board Cyberbullying Prevention
SIGNED HB 172 -- Limit Tax Credit Paid to Another State
SIGNED HB 225 -- Electronic Voter Registration Updates
SIGNED HB 232 -- School District Campaign Reporting Act
SIGNED HB 401 -- State Investment in Tech Transfer Companies
SIGNED HB 443 -- Unpaid Unemployment Civil Actions
SIGNED HB 546 -- Compilation of Certain Amendments into Law
SIGNED HB 658 -- Registration of Certain Fetal Deaths
SIGNED SB 37 -- Clarify Driver's License Suspensions
SIGNED SB 93 -- City Water Storage Tank Contractors
SIGNED SB 145 -- Community Corrections Panels
SIGNED SB 163 -- Change Board & Commission Sunset Dates
SIGNED SB 233 -- Workers' Comp Attorney Fees
SIGNED SB 296 -- Prescription Drug Insurance Coverage Review
SIGNED SB 301 -- NM Scholars Act Scholarship Eligibility
SIGNED SB 310 -- Viral Hepatitis Testing & Confidentiality
SIGNED SB 345 -- Eliminate Some Open Container Exceptions
SIGNED SB 479 -- Adequate Subdivision Water Supplies
SIGNED SB 572 -- Renovation & Construction of State Offices

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