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Statement from Congressman Luke Messer on President Obama's Budget Proposal


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Luke Messer, who serves on the House Budget Committee, gave the following statement on President Obama's Budget Proposal:

"Time and time again, this President has placed the wants of big government ahead of the needs of hard working Americans. The budget President Obama presented today was no exception.

Like Senate Democrats, the President has proposed a budget that does not balance and increases taxes. His budget will increase taxes by $1.1 trillion, approximately $7,500 per taxpayer, over the next decade.

This government does not have revenue problem--it has a spending problem. The American people cannot simply continue to pick up the tab for Washington's out of control spending.

The President already got his tax increases in January. Tax increases that were not on the "wealthy" as the President claimed but impacted every working American.

House Republicans passed a bold budget that will put America on the right path. Our plan balances the budget in ten years without tax increases and proposes sensible reforms to Medicare and Social Security to make them stronger for years to come.

But, despite our disagreements, I am encouraged. Unlike Senate Democrats, the President has opened the door to discuss entitlement reforms. The President has an opportunity to convince House and Senate Democrats about the need for urgent action. I hope he will work with leaders in Congress to make his actions match his rhetoric and find a truly balanced approach to reconcile our two budgets."

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