Congresswoman Duckworth Holds Roundtable on Medicare and the Ryan Budget in Elk Grove Village


By:  Tammy Duckworth
Date: April 3, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth held a roundtable on Medicare and the Ryan budget at the Kenneth Young Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The roundtable included senior citizens from the 8th Congressional District and advocates for protecting Social Security and Medicare.

"The Ryan budget could force seniors to pay $59,500 more in health costs during their retirement," said Duckworth. "I've spoken to many of my neighbors, who work so hard to pay their mortgage and send their kids to college, and I know they cannot afford to save $59,500 more for their retirements. Congress needs to work together to create a budget that reduces the deficit by reducing waste and fraud and protect programs that help working families make ends meet."

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