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Letter Sent to EPISD from Congressman O'Rourke


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. O'Rourke released the following statement about EPISD this afternoon.

"I urge the greatest possible transparency, due diligence and fairness when it comes to addressing the systemic problems at EPISD, including at the high schools named in the recently released audit.

I have heard from many parents who are deeply concerned by the process used to hire the auditors as well as the process employed by the auditors to reach their conclusions. Their concerns should be given the greatest possible consideration by the board, since it is the parents and their children who have the most to gain or lose from the board's decision.

I am not sufficiently informed to comment on the individual personnel decisions pending before the board, but I urge the trustees to carefully take into account the children, parents, teachers and administrators who will be affected by these decisions. On behalf of those who will be impacted, I urge the board to make their decisions in the most fair, deliberate and transparent fashion."

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