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Grassley comment on Education Department posting of Mao quote


Location: Unknown

Senator Chuck Grassley made the following comment about an online report that the Department of Education had posted then removed a comment from Mao Zedong as a "quote of the day" on its National Center for Education Statistics "Kids Zone" website.

"The Department of Education should explain how a quote from Mao Zedong got on its Kids' Zone webpage as the promotional quote of the day. On the orders of Lenin, Stalin, and subsequent Soviet leaders, approximately 20 million people were killed, and an estimated 65 million people were killed by the Chinese Communist government, mostly under Mao Zedong. That makes him the most murderous dictator of the 20th century. As our society rightly does with Hitler, murderous tyrants like Stalin and Mao should be considered pariahs, their victims should be remembered, and their crimes should be taught to future generations so they never happen again."

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