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Heller Files Additional Amendments to Senate Budget

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) has filed four additional amendments to the Senate budget:

The Heller Dependents of Homeless Veterans Amendment ensures that children of homeless veterans are eligible to receive services provided at veterans' homeless shelters and facilities funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"Children accompanying a veteran parent who has fallen on hard times must not be turned away. I am proud to introduce this amendment to provide much-needed assistance to children of homeless veterans," said Senator Dean Heller.

The Heller Safety and Privacy for Female Veterans and Service Members Amendment requires that women veterans have access to safety and privacy when using Department of Veterans Affairs' facilities.

"As the demographics of our Armed Forces are changing, we must ensure that the VA is able to meet them. Our women veterans have made tremendous sacrifices on our behalf and I am proud to introduce this legislation to provide them with the necessary support," said Senator Dean Heller.

The Heller Preserve and Protect Second Amendment Rights Amendment restricts the Department of Justice from compiling a national gun registry. Current law already requires the federal government to destroy records obtained during the background check process under the Firearms Owners Protection Act. The creation of a federal national gun registry would run counter to this Act and existing statutes.

"I am a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights and this amendment simply clarifies existing law. Upholding the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens should never be in question, which is why I am proud to introduce legislation forbidding the creation of a national gun registry," said Senator Dean Heller.

The Heller Government Audit Amendment calls on agencies, including independent agencies, to increase their use of audits and to use any recovered wasteful spending for deficit reduction.

"Our nation stands nearly $17 trillion in debt. By fully understanding how and where the government is spending its funds, we can treat U.S. taxpayers' dollars more responsibly and take necessary steps to towards a fiscally conservative Congress," said Senator Dean Heller.

Heller previously filed two amendments to the Senate budget, the Heller Amendment on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and the Heller State-Based Sage-Grouse Amendment.

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