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Equal Pay Day

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CASTRO of Texas. Today on April 9, we recognize Equal Pay Day, symbolizing the more than 3 months into this year that women have to work in order for their wages to finally catch up to what their male colleagues earned last year.

Nearly 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act to protect workers from gender-based discrimination.

Despite the hard work of countless folks to make pay equality a reality, women today still earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men doing the same kind of work. For women of color, the wage gap is even larger.

Clearly, as a Nation, we have more work to do. That's why I'm a proud cosponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would reinforce the Equal Pay Act by closing loopholes and protecting employees from unfair retaliation.

Twice now Democrats have passed this legislation in the House of Representatives only to have it blocked by Senate Republicans.

Equal pay is not a partisan issue. And it's not only a women's issue. This is about America's founding principles of justice for all.

Mr. Speaker, I urge you to bring this important legislation before the House for a full vote.

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