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The Ryan Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARTWRIGHT. Mr. Speaker, I rise to comment about the budget introduced this week by the Republican Budget chairman, Paul Ryan.

The first thing we notice about this budget is that it is nothing more than a tiresome rehash of the right-wing wish list. I call it a ``tiresome rehash'' because we already know that Representative Ryan doesn't like ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable health care. We remember he doesn't like allowing coverage for preexisting conditions. We understand that he doesn't like closing the Medicare part D loophole, doughnut hole, for seniors. We are acquainted with his dislike for granting preventative health care services to women. We already know that he wants to turn Medicare into a lousy voucher system that costs seniors thousands of dollars extra every year for their health care whether they have it or not, and we already know that the American public rejects these positions as it did in the last election.

Mr. Speaker, I ask: Can we not, at long last, move on?

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