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Inspiring Scientific Research and Innovation Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. SCHWARTZ. The National Institutes of Health faces significant cuts to basic scientific research funding this fiscal year. These cuts threaten America's capacity to cure diseases, treat chronic and acute conditions, and find new technologies that advance the health of people worldwide.

That is why I am introducing the Inspiring Scientific Research and Innovation Act. It will restore and supplement this funding by appropriating $3 billion for the remainder of fiscal 2013.

NIH is the single largest source of biomedical research. It funds research efforts at the NIH campus here in Bethesda, at medical centers, cancer centers, and universities across the Nation. The agency generated $57.8 billion in economic output nationwide in 2012 alone. This work often takes years and affects every family in America touched by serious health conditions and chronic disease. Failure to adequately and consistently fund this research means lost lives, lost science, and lost economic opportunity.

The funding I propose will not increase the Federal deficit. It is paid for by eliminating tax breaks for corporate jets. We must be clear about our priorities and our values as a Nation.

So the choice is clear: scientific advancement and curing disease or taxpayer support for corporate jets. Choose NIH.

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