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Mullin Supports Balanced Budget Proposal

Press Release

Location: Muskogee, OK

Today, the House passed a budget by a vote of 221-207. The proposal put forward by Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-1) would balance the budget in ten years and address some of Oklahoma's most pressing concerns including repealing ObamaCare.

"The proposal, The Path to Prosperity: A Responsible, Balanced Budget tackles some of the issues that I hear about most often from the people in the Second District," Mullin said. "In our district, eliminating ObamaCare and reducing federal spending are among the top issues constituents talk to me about and this budget definitely addresses those concerns by not raising taxes or spending money we do not have on a national health care system that will bust the budget. I was happy to represent my constituent's voice by voting for this plan."

Mullin said Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to "opt-out" of ObamaCare and eliminating it is one of the top concerns he hears about from people in the Second District.

Congressman Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, presented a 2014 budget proposal last week. The budget encourages domestic energy production and in defunding ObamaCare the Ryan budget promotes replacing it instead with patient-centered reforms. Additionally the Ryan budget encourages tax reform and helps shore up Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security with common-sense reforms so they will be available for future generations. Those in or near retirement should see no changes to the programs under the plan

"At town hall meetings and in person, people tell me they want to get rid of ObamaCare because they don't believe in government-run health care, they are concerned it will cost too much. They are frustrated the law contains provisions that have nothing to do with health care at all."

Mullin also cited an informal poll conducted with participants in a Second District telephone town hall held March 5 where 87% of the 642 answers from participants who were randomly selected said they blame spending too much for the federal deficit problem.

Mullin said the current path of government borrowing and spending is unsustainable. He emphasized that any budget adopted by Congress must restrain spending.

"As a businessman, I knew my business could not spend more than it collected in revenues and government is no different," Mullin said. "Under this proposal, the government spends no more than it collects from the hard-working taxpayers of this country. We cannot continue to add debt to this country because the consequences of doing nothing to reign in federal spending will move us from merely a sluggish economy to a lasting full-blown economic crisis."

President Obama has yet to submit a budget, which he was required to do no later than February 4, 2013.

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