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Ryan Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Yesterday, I discussed the American Society of Civil Engineers' scorecard. Our infrastructure is failing--it got a D-plus--costing us lost productivity and wasted fuel. Now, we need to deal with that problem, but there is an even bigger problem looming, which is the already inadequate levels of investment in our infrastructure are about to end.

The Ryan budget takes us from a $40 billion investment in our crumbling roads, bridges, and highways to $100 million--$40 billion, $100 million. Transit: $10 billion to zero. That's right. The Ryan budget cuts our investment--that's already inadequate--in infrastructure from $50 billion a year to $100 million. That's about 1 million jobs lost in addition to the accelerated deterioration of the system.

That can't be a serious proposal. This isn't a serious budget. It's balanced on phony premises. Anybody believe we're going to go to zero spending and abandon Federal investment in our roads, bridges, highways, and transit systems? And if they believe that, that's even crazier than the numbers in this budget.

The Democratic budget continues those investments and makes certain we will invest in the future of America.

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