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Pelosi Statement on March Jobs Report


Location: San Francisco, CA

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced that the economy gained 88,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 7.6 percent in March. With 95,000 jobs added by private businesses, this marks the 37th consecutive month of private sector growth:

"Today's jobs report makes it clear: there is no time to waste to grow our economy and put people to work. Yet in this session House Republicans have refused to hold a vote on a single jobs bill that could actually become law. Instead, Republicans prefer sequesters that undermine our economic growth and Ryan budgets that would cost jobs and threaten the economic security of seniors and working families.

"The last thing Americans need right now is for Republicans to do nothing on jobs while doubling down on the same failed budget that voters rejected last fall. Yet that's the House Republican agenda in a nutshell - proposing and supporting a budget that would cost two million jobs next year, stall our economic recovery, raise taxes on the middle class, and end the Medicare guarantee. That is not a path to prosperity; it is a path to pain -- for working families, for seniors, and for the middle class.

"Americans want solutions that create jobs and strengthen the middle class, not Republican-manufactured crises that only drive instability in the economy and uncertainty for consumers. It's time for Republicans to work with Democrats on a balanced approach to put people to work, expand the economy, and responsibly reduce the deficit. It's time to focus on jobs, solve problems, and spur prosperity for all Americans."

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