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Desert News - Second Amendment: History's lesson and warning


Location: Unknown

These limitations may make it harder for government to do its job at times. But the Constitution was not written to maximize the convenience of the government. It was written to protect the liberty of the people.

That's why we have due process. That's why we have a Bill of Rights. And that's why we don't have federal databases tracking how law-abiding citizens choose to exercise (or not exercise) their God-given rights.

What exactly would politicians and bureaucrats do with a database listing the home addresses and personal habits of everyone in the country who, say, had a particular disease or was an atheist or whose home wasn't protected by a gun?

Even if they could guarantee the system would work, even if they could guarantee the information would never get hacked (which they can't), it would still be wrong.

I will oppose any attempt by Congress to restrict Americans' constitutional rights. And I will equally oppose any attempt to allow government surveillance of law-abiding citizens exercising those rights.

I will remind people in Washington that the Constitution protects everyone equally, not just the people we happen to agree with, and the rights we happen to like.

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