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Murphy: Congress Needs to Prove it is Serious About Gun Reform


Location: Norwich, CT

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) released the following statement today on the release of the search warrants for Adam Lanza's home:

The reports released about Adam Lanza's access to, and possession of, such an overwhelming amount of firearms and ammunition, is unsettling and truly disturbing. But most of all, these reports underscore the dire need to pass comprehensive gun reform as soon as possible. The fact that we still have high capacity magazines and assault weapons so easily accessible on our streets and in homes is alarming and needs to change now. These types of weapons are meant for war and don't belong in the hands of civilians, and especially the mentally unstable. As the President said today, if we are serious about gun reform, we need to do something. I urge Congress to prove that it is serious about tackling these critical issues and act when it returns in April.

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