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Vitter Offers Immigration Reform, Enforcement Amendments to Senate Budget

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-La.) today offered several amendments to the Senate budget resolution to enforce immigration law and reform policies that have been abused by illegal immigrants, which have cost the United States billions of dollars.

"There is no guarantee that the current administration or any in the future will achieve operational control of our borders absent serious pro-enforcement legislation in Congress," Vitter said. "This administration has yet to even produce a budget this year, but I have some common sense reforms that would make sense both fiscally and to enforcement immigration laws. Congress continues to drag its feet on serious immigration reform, so I've introduced targeted amendments that can help solve our illegal immigration problem and avoid amnesty by putting enforcement first."
A list of the targeted reform amendments Vitter is introducing is below. Vitter has introduced other amendments not specifically related to immigration as well.

US-VISIT -- prevents any adjustment in legal status for those in the country illegally until the Department of Homeland Security entry-exit biometric visa system (US-VISIT) is fully implemented at every land, sea, and air port. The system was required by Congress in 1996 to be implemented in 2005 but has yet to be implemented.

Child Tax Credit -- prevents illegal aliens from receiving the Child Tax Credit intended for American citizens and legal residents by closing a loophole with Internal Revenue System. This would save $4.2 billion each year.

WIRE Act -- requires a fee on remittances for customers who wire money to another country but cannot prove that they are in the United States legally. The fee would be used to enhance border security.

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