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Sen. Toomey Issues Statement On The Budget


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) this morning issued the following statement on the Senate's final passage of the fiscal year 2014 budget. The Senate passed the budget 50 to 49.

"The Senate Democrats' budget is a recipe for continuing our miserable economy and inadequate job creation. I voted against it because it dramatically hikes taxes, fails to rein in spending and does not balance our books. In fact, this budget makes our nation's fiscal and economic woes worse.

"The proposed budget is more of the same recent, failed policies and they haven't worked. The Democrats have already increased taxes $1.2 trillion in the president's health care law. They added over $600 billion in higher taxes on January 1. Now, we are looking at another $1.5 trillion in still higher, job-killing taxes over 10 years.

"Senate Democrats want to tax and spend more at a time when we should be reducing out-of-control spending in Washington. This budget does nothing to reform and sustain entitlement programs - programs that President Obama has admitted will go bankrupt no matter how much we raise taxes. In fact, the Senate Democrats' budget raises taxes and adds more debt to recklessly accelerate spending on already unsustainable entitlement programs. Such irresponsible policies represent a total abdication of leadership and a lack of seriousness in fixing our budget mess.

"My constituents in Pennsylvania rightfully expect more from the Senate than what this budget represents. Fortunately, there is still time left for this Congress to work together to rein in our excessive spending, and put our nation on a sustainable path that will significantly grow the economy for all Americans."

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