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Governor Hassan Statement on House Finance Committee Budget


Location: Concord, NH

Governor Hassan released the following statement today on the budget approved by the House Finance Committee:

"I appreciate the work done by the House Finance Committee to develop their budget plan during these challenging economic times. I also understand the legislature's budget process is far from complete, and that the House has yet to consider SB 152, which would provide significant revenue through licensing one high-end, highly regulated casino so we can reinvest in our priorities to create good jobs and encourage innovative economic growth.

"In its proposal, the House Finance Committee clearly identifies additional priorities that need further attention and funding. Those are priorities that I share, and which I helped fund in my balanced budget proposal with the revenue from one casino license.

"It is clear that the $80 million from licensing one casino is needed to improve upon the hard work of the Finance Committee and restore critical funds for our university system in order to freeze tuition, for uncompensated care at New Hampshire's hospitals, and for aid to local communities. As the budget advances, I look forward to working with members of both the House and Senate to finalize a balanced plan that protects the basic services that support the overall well-being of our families and that invests in the priorities needed to build a more innovative economic future."

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