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The Columbus Dispatch - Beatty on Ryan's Budget

News Article

Location: Unknown

By Jessica Wehrman

It isn't much of a surprise -- most House Democrats feel similarly -- but U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty is no fan of the new budget proposal being pushed by former GOP vice-presidential nominee and House Budget Chair Paul Ryan.

Beatty, D-Jefferson Township, went to the floor today to criticize the budget, which she calls "unrealistic, unreasonable and unfair." Watch her speech here.

The Ryan budget would spend $41.7 trillion over the next decade, and bring the deficit down to $1.4 trillion in 10 years. The Senate Democratic alternative, meanwhile, would spend $46.5 trillion over a decade and bring the deficit down to $5.4 trillion, according to a summary published by the Associated Press.

"The Ryan Budget targets the most vulnerable populations within Ohio's 3rd Congressional District: our seniors and low-income individuals," she said, adding that the budget would shift Medicare to vouchers for seniors, cut Medicaid funding, and repeal the Affordable Care Act -- also known as President Obama's health care plan.

"This is an unacceptable budgetary proposal for my constituents and for families all across the country. Americans deserve a better approach to a fair and balanced budget," she said.

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