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Gov. Bryant Comments on Democrats' Failure to Fund Medicaid

Press Release

Location: Unknown

"Democrats are playing a political game with the lives of the 641,194 children, pregnant women, and aged, blind, and disabled adults currently receiving medical services through Medicaid. These individuals will no longer have health coverage because Democrats are choosing political posturing to expand ObamaCare over funding services for Medicaid recipients. Let the record reflect that Democrats in the Mississippi House have voted twice to withdraw funding and services for Mississippi's Nursing Homes, Hospitals and other vital programs."

Beginning July 1, the following services will be discontinued if Medicaid is not funded:

* Inpatient hospital
* Outpatient hospital
* Laboratory and X-ray
* Nursing Facilities
* Screening and Diagnostic Services for Children
* Physicians
* Home Health
* Emergency Medical Transportation
* Prescription Drugs
* Dental Care
* Eye Glasses
* Services for the Intellectually Disabled
* Family Planning
* Clinic Services
* Home and Community Based Waiver Services
* Mental Health
* Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies
* Disproportionate Share Payments to Hospitals
* Upper Payment Limit Payments to Hospitals
* Perinatal Risk Management
* Nurse Practitioners
* FQHCs, Rural Health Centers, and local Health Dept.
* Inpatient Psychiatric
* Hospice Care
* Pediatric Skilled Nursing Facilities
* Podiatrist
* Assisted Living
* Nonemergency transportation
* Chiropractic Services
* Medicare Premiums for the Dually-Eligible
* Spinal Cord and Brain Injury
* Nursing Facility for the Severely Disabled
* Physician Assistant
* Pediatric Long-term Acute Care Hospitals
* Therapy
* Pediatric Extended Care Centers
* Dialysis Transportation

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