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Boustany Strongly Opposes UN Arms Trade Treaty


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D., (R-South Louisiana) issued the following statement after the Obama Administration joined over one hundred other nations on Tuesday in supporting the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty:

"Lately, this Administration seems to forget that law-abiding American citizens are constitutionally guaranteed the right to bear arms. The United Nations has no place regulating the sale and trade of small arms here in the United States. By agreeing to this treaty, the President and Secretary of State are subjecting the American Constitution to international law, placing our Second Amendment rights in jeopardy.

"This is a terrible overreach by the Administration, and I am encouraged my colleagues in the Senate have signaled they have no intention of ratifying this treaty. Sadly, the Administration's actions amount to little more than a political stunt to appease liberal gun-control advocates, rather than voicing the will of the American people.

"Today I am announcing that I have cosponsored H.R. 575, the Second Amendment Protection Act, which withholds funding for the United Nations for one fiscal year if the President enters into any treaty threatening the constitutional rights of our citizens. I strongly urge my Senate colleagues to vote against ratification of this treaty, and I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure our right to bear arms is well-protected."

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