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Courier Press - Rep. Bucshon: Lack of Effort from White House Killing Entitlement Reform

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By U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon

I agree with Former Congressman Lee Hamilton concerning the need for entitlement (mandatory spending) reform. If we are going to seriously address spending at the federal level, our mandatory spending programs must be a part of the conversation.

That being said, any reforms or changes need to be done in a fair and responsible way that preserves these vital programs for current beneficiaries and ensures they are still around for future generations.

Congressman Hamilton's points concerning the facts regarding federal spending, explained in his recent Op-Ed, are very important for everyone to understand.

The largest and most significant drivers of spending and debt are our mandatory spending programs, like Medicare and Medicaid. I have been communicating this message to my constituents since I have been in Congress.

I also agree that strong leadership in Washington D.C. is required to solve our fiscal problems, this is one of the main reasons I ran for Congress in the first place.

Unfortunately, the President and his allies in Congress are being dishonest with the American people and refuse to address the real problem for political reasons.

It is time for the American people to demand the facts and the solutions to our fiscal problems.

As your Representative in the House, I will continue to give you the facts and provide possible solutions to the challenges we face, regardless of the political implications for me personally.

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