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Horsford Rejects Ryan Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Steven Horsford (NV-4) released the following statement after voting against the House Republican budget:

"The House Republican budget, authored by Congressman Paul Ryan, would devastate Nevada families as it protects the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the most vulnerable and includes drastic reductions in funding for critical programs.

"The Ryan Republican budget is nothing more than the same Romney/Ryan policy that the American people rejected last fall. It is not a path to prosperity. It is a path to austerity for the middle class, working families, seniors, and children. For a third consecutive year, Republicans are proposing to end the Medicare guarantee, raise costs for seniors, and undermine key programs that protect the health and economic security of our parents and grandparents.

"I voted for the Democratic alternative budget: a plan that focuses on creating jobs, growing the economy, and strengthening the middle class while responsibly reducing the deficit. The House Democratic plan would put 1.2 million people back to work, invest in education, and keep our promises to our seniors.

"Congressman Ryan seems more interested in derailing job-creating public transportation projects in Nevada than proposing a serious budget that gets America working again."

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