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Nashua Telegraph - Kuster, New US Reps Aim for Bipartisan Fix

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Location: Unknown

By Kevin Landrigan

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster joined with bipartisan colleagues to call upon House leaders to work with newly elected members of Congress to forge bipartisan agreement on the federal budget.

"Republican and Democrat alike, we were sent to Congress by voters frustrated with partisan gridlock and dysfunction," the group wrote. "The people we represent demand and deserve better from their government, and we are committed to focusing on those areas of agreement that unite us -- not re-fighting the same battles that have consumed the Congress in years past."

Kuster, a Democrat, and congressman David Joyce, R-Ohio, said they hoped their letter would send a message to House leadership that their new class is committed to bipartisan problem solving.

"The people we represent don't expect Republicans and Democrats to agree on every issue, but they do expect us to compromise and find common ground where we can," Kuster and Joyce said.

"We're sending a clear message to House leadership that we are committed to bridging the divide between parties and finding responsible solutions to our nation's fiscal challenges. No more government by crisis and gridlock -- just a commitment to working together to deliver results for the people we represent."

Kuster helped establish the United Solutions Caucus, a group of new Republican and Democratic lawmakers seeking bipartisan answers.

"It is long past time for Republicans and Democrats to come together and negotiate a responsible compromise to address our fiscal challenges, and we believe the freshman class has a critical role to play in bridging the divide between the parties and forging united solutions," the group concluded.

"Again, we request that you join us at the negotiating table and give us the opportunity to help Congress delivering serious, bipartisan results for the American people."

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