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Leader Cantor: The Choice is Clear


Location: Unknown

"Good morning. This is a good week for House Republicans. This is also a week of contrast. Our budget balances in ten years. Their budget never balances and raises a trillion dollars worth of taxes.

"I think the question for the American people is which budget actually helps people? I would say that a balanced budget is going to help grow our economy and provide the certainty needed to so many people out there looking for the government to do the very same thing they're having to do at home.

"Which budget helps those who are in need? Our budget provides a prescription to save the social safety nets of Medicare and Medicaid. Theirs doesn't. Theirs brings about the demise of those programs.

"Which budget brings about the kind of tax reform that people want in this country: lower rates, a fair and simpler tax code? Our budget does that. Theirs raises taxes to the tune of almost a trillion dollars.

"The choice is clear. Our budget is pro-growth, it will help people get back to work, it will help those in need. That's why we are going to have a great vote this week on the Floor in the House."

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