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Congresswoman Beatty Delivers Weekly Congressional Black Caucus Message

Location: Washington, DC

Hello, I'm Congresswoman Joyce Beatty from the great state of Ohio, where I proudly represent the 3rd congressional district. I am pleased to deliver this week's Congressional Black Caucus message to America.

This week's focus is sequestration. We know sequestration is resulting in devastating cuts, harming Americans and taking vital money out of the economy.

The impact of sequestration is being levied on all aspects of our economy, from essential federal, State and local government operations to Main Street USA.

Many people in Washington may be downplaying the impact of sequestration cuts. However, the effects are dire and serious.

In some dictionaries Sequestration is defined as to seize; to impound; or to confiscate. And, this week we continue to face the results of seized funding which institutes deep, across-the-board cuts from small business funding to social growth, from health services to housing--the essential agencies that ensure the proper functioning of our society-disproportionately harming women; low income individuals and minorities.

To America I say….we lose with sequestration! We lose over 700 hundred thousand jobs.

We lose research dollars which cuts funding of millions of dollars at world-class research institutions like The Ohio State University in my district; Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and so many other institutions across America; limiting the ability of students and researchers to develop the start-up companies that permit the U.S. to remain globally competitive.

We lose with respect to women, millions of dollars of cuts to programs like the Safe Motherhood initiative that will effect women of color who suffer childbirth complications at rates three to four times higher than their counterparts.

We lose …eliminating $8 million dollars from breast & cervical cancer screening programs for low-income women; $24 million dollars from Title X family planning and reproductive health services, and $29 million dollars from services for victims of domestic violence.

In order for our nation to not lose and keep moving forward, we must push for a fair and balanced economic plan that reduces the deficit -- while creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, and advancing African American businesses--all which grow our economy.

Sequestration makes these goals much more challenging--- hardworking taxpayers deserve better. I am confident that we can do better. Thank you America….for listening.

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