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Requirement in Budget Submission with Respect to Cost per Taxpayer of the Deficit

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GARRETT. I thank the gentleman.

Right now, as we stand here, the national debt in this country stands over $16 trillion, and one-third of that was rung up just during this President Obama's administration. And some outside expert says, what does that translate to you and me? Well, the average taxpayer may be in debt of $111,000 to the U.S. Government because of that.

On top of that, do you know that this is the fourth time that this White House, that this President, has failed to follow the law and to submit a budget to the House on time? But when he finally does, I really do hope that this budget differs from his other ones which were riddled with red ink and absolutely had no intent to balance, not in 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years. They never balanced. In short, his budgets have been an economic disaster. Maybe that's why there has been bipartisan opposition to these budgets.

In the Senate, which is Democratically controlled, he got absolutely zero support for his budgets in the past. So it's high time that this President gets serious about the deficits, acknowledges that frivolous spending is part of the problem, and addresses the issues with appropriate budgets.

I support this legislation before us.

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