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House Passes Background Check Bill


Location: Dover, DE

Governor Markell issued the following statement after the passage of House Bill 35 in the Delaware House of Representatives:

"Delaware is a step closer to making our citizens safer by requiring a background check on nearly every gun purchase or transfer. The litany of tragic shootings in other states and in our own state should be all the impetus we need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. But this is also a common sense measure that is supported by an overwhelming 88 percent of Delawareans. The changes that were made to the bill today show that Representative Valerie Longhurst and other legislators are listening to the concerns of the community and are willing to make reasonable accommodations. They also made clear that this bill is not about taking people's guns or about gun registration. I appreciate and thank the legislators, law enforcement officers, and everyday Delawareans who supported HB 35."

The bill was unveiled by the Governor during a news conference with former Congressman and Governor Mike Castle earlier this month.

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