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Governor's Weekly Message: Celebrating Student Research, Supporting STEM Education


Location: Unknown

I'm speaking to you this week the Delaware biotechnology Institute in Newark, where I got to name the winners of the BioGENEius challenge. This is a phenomenal competition amongst high school students in our state doing some amazing work in the area of biotechnology. We have the two statewide winners with us today. We have Anna Gonye from The Charter School of Wilmington and Bansri Patel from Sussex Tech and each of them is going to describe their project. Anna.

Anna: I'm Anna from the Charter School of Wilmington and my project was about the effects of environmental toxins on planarian regeneration.

Governor Markell: And what does that mean?

Anna: So basically it's seeing how different toxins that are common to our environment or our daily lives, affect the way that planarians regenerate.

Governor Markell: What is a planarian?

Anna: It's a type of flatworm and basically it can regenerate from just a tiny piece of its body into a full worm.

Governor Markell: Okay that is a high school junior, I want to remind you. I didn't quite understand it, but it's important that she did. And our next winner is Bansri Patel from Sussex Tech.

Bansri: Hi my name is Bansri Patel and I'm from the Sussex Tech. My project was about the behavioral and developmental effects of BPA and BPS in C. elegans.

Governor Markell: And what does that mean?

Bansri: BPA and BPS are chemicals that are found to produce plastic bottles, dental sealants, canned food linings.

Governor Markell: Well this is the quality of work that's going on throughout high schools across the state of Delaware. We're so fortunate to have these wonderful students as well as their great teachers who make this possible. You know, in a day and age when science, technology, engineering and math jobs are those in the greatest demand, it's wonderful to know we have so many talented students working so hard. They in fact will be the leaders in the economy to come. Thanks.

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