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Rep. Miller: The Responsibility of ICE's Decision to Release Detainees Belongs to the White House, Administration

Press Release

Location: Harrison Township, MI

U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today commented on the White House and Administration's lack of claiming responsibility following the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement release of hundreds of illegal aliens from U.S. detention centers. Miller said:

"This past week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement released hundreds of illegal aliens in custody saying they were using a "more cost effective form of supervised release.' When challenged about this outrageous act, the DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano blamed bureaucrats in the field and the White House did the same. It seems in the Napolitano administration at DHS and in the Obama Administration at large that the buck stops with lower level bureaucrats.

"It is not surprising that those lower level bureaucrats would take such dangerous actions since their leaders, starting with President Barack Obama and extending to his entire cabinet, have been crisscrossing the country for the last several weeks trying to scare the American people and federal workers about the calamity that would happen if the sequester, which represents just 2% of all federal spending, were allowed to happen. The results of these actions have clearly frightened federal bureaucrats into making decisions that endanger the American people and put our security at risk.

"This is outrageous. The sequester was first proposed by President Obama and was passed into law in August 2011. The President's sequester has been pending for more than a year and half and yet it is becoming more clear every day that his Administration has developed no plan to administer those cuts in a responsible way. Instead the President has been peddling threats of gloom and doom if the sequester were to go into place to frighten the American people. In turn, it appears those who serve in his Administration are bound and determined to deliver the gloom and doom he wants while at the same time the President and his Administration attempt to avoid any responsibility. The American people expect and deserve better.

"U.S. House Republicans have twice passed legislation that would have replaced the sequester cuts with more responsible reductions in federal spending, but the U.S. Senate refused to take action. Likewise, the President has offered no alternative cuts and instead simply calls for ever higher taxes to support higher federal spending. As we have seen in Michigan over the last several years, local and state governments across the nation have had to implement spending reductions totaling much more than 2% of their spending and have done so in ways that don't threaten the safety of their communities. It is time for the President to get control of his Administration and do what is needed to keep this nation safe and secure while working with the U.S. Congress to get federal spending under control."

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