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Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2014

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BOXER. Mr. President, my amendment simply ensures important issues will be addressed, such as how much oil will stay here versus how much will be exported and, therefore, will we suffer from higher energy prices? How much steel will be made in America? How many private property rights suits will result from this pipeline? We have had a lot of them on the southern lake.

How will this affect our national security, the dirty tar sands oil? Our American national security experts warn us against the instability worldwide caused by climate disruption.

I urge an ``aye'' vote on this amendment, regardless of how you feel about Keystone. These are essential issues which must be addressed.


Mrs. BOXER. Well, Mr. President, the handwriting is on the wall. I see it. But I do believe when my colleague argued against my amendment--and he was quite successful--it was not an accurate argument.

The fact is his amendment has already made the decision for us that everything is hunky-dory with this pipeline. Well, it is not true that all the work has been done. We don't know how much of the steel will be American; we don't know how many of the jobs will be American; we don't know if our national security people think that dirty tar sands is going to create climate disruption.

Wake up. This is the only place in America where people don't understand that real climate disruption is very dangerous.

You want to talk about polls? Look at what the people think about extreme weather. Look at what the people think about too much carbon pollution. So there will be another day to fight, but I want to say to my friend--he is a good guy, and we have worked well together on this. But I hope we will vote no and allow the process to continue.


Mrs. BOXER. Mr. President, the Rubio amendment hurts families. It is opposed by respected doctors organizations and many women's groups.

Colleagues, under the Rubio amendment, a doctor and a grandmother would go to jail if the grandmother brought her grandchild across State lines, say, after she was raped. Senator Rubio insists that only a parent be there. But what if the mom is ill or the dad is in Afghanistan or she is scared to death to tell her mom or her dad? Colleagues, there are cases of daughters dying due to their desperation and fear of telling their parents. Let's not endanger our children and place government against our grandmothers. Please vote no.

Mr. President, I raise a point of order that the pending amendment is not germane to the underlying resolution. It, therefore, violates section 305(b)(2) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974.


Mrs. BOXER. Madam President, the Coats amendment allows open-ended exemptions to the mercury air toxic rule. This is not a 1-year extension, it is a permanent extension if any President, now or in the future, simply decides it. It doesn't even require any finding.

Let me tell my colleagues a little bit about mercury. It is dangerous. It is poison. It harms the brain, the nervous system, and childhood development. It is especially damaging to infants and pregnant women. Mercury harms a child's ability to speak, to hear, to walk, to see, and to think. Can't we protect our children?

I want to give my colleagues 11,000 reasons to oppose the Coats amendment. That is how many premature deaths will be avoided with the rule he wants to eviscerate. Just last June we held on this rule. Let's vote no on the Coats amendment.

Thank you very much.


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