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Rep. Takano Votes "No" on House Republican Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Earlier today, Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) voted "No" on the House Republican Budget and issued the following statement:

"Earlier today, I voted against Congressman Paul Ryan's budget as it does not address the real crisis in this country -- the jobs crisis. Slashing key investments like infrastructure and education will not help our recovery. A century of evidence has shown us that the austerity policies in this budget will not lead to prosperity.

"Furthermore, the Ryan budget ends the Medicare guarantee and replaces it with a voucher. I am committed to preserving the Medicare guarantee as I believe it is a sacred promise we have made to our seniors.

"While our long term deficit is a concern, Mr. Ryan's budget is a misguided plan that will slow our recovery, harm middle class families, and force seniors into poverty."

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