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Pingree Opposes Radical Ryan Budget


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Republican proposal would shift costs to seniors to pay for tax break for wealthiest

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree voted against the Ryan budget today, a Republican plan that would shift costs to seniors and give the wealthy a huge tax break.

"The priorities in this budget are completely upside down," Pingree said. "It gives the richest Americans an average tax break of nearly a quarter of a milliondollars while shifting costs to seniors and ending the Medicare guarantee of affordable health care. Under the Ryan plan, two-thirds of the budget cuts hit families with low and moderate incomes, while the rich get another big tax break."

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the Ryan budget would reduce GDP by 1.7% and employment would fall by 750,000 jobs next year, if the budget were enacted.

"We need to be investing in working families and focus on putting people back to work, not creating a slash-and-burn policy that onlyhelps the rich," Pingree said.

Pingree also criticized Congressional leaders for focusing on the Ryan budget, instead of a more balanced solution that could actually pass Congress.

"This is the third time the Republicans have rolled out this extreme budget proposal. The American people pretty clearly rejected this approach in the election last year," Pingree said. "Now it's time for Congress to start coming up with some workable solutions."

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