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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Responds to Ruinous House Republican Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, member the House Budget Committee, released the following statement on the Republican Budget:

"This Republican budget is nothing short of disastrous for our economy, our most vulnerable, and our future. This budget shreds our nation's social safety net while we are still recovering from the Great Recession. The Republicans have released a budget that pushes struggling families off the cliff and once again the GOP has chosen to cater to the wealthiest and the special interests while crushing our country's most vulnerable: the poor and the elderly.

"This budget ends Medicare as we know it and protects tax breaks for Big Oil instead of protecting seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities. Those are the choices that the Republican Party continues to stand by: tax breaks for the wealthy, increasing unnecessary Pentagon spending, and shipping American jobs off shore.

"At a time when we need job creation the most, the Republican budget would kill 750,000 jobs in 2013 alone. To reduce the deficit, we need to create jobs, not cut them. This budget punishes the poor and vulnerable and rewards the wealthy; it threatens to shatter our fragile recovery and must be rejected."

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