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The Federal Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HOLDING. Madam Speaker, this week, the Senate is expected to unveil its first budget plan in nearly 4 years. It relies on the failed policy of raising taxes and increasing Federal spending and will not put into place a requirement for the government to balance its budget. How can this be taken seriously?

When our national debt is over $16 trillion, how does spending more and increasing taxes make any sense? Why not simply stop spending money--money the government doesn't have to spend in the first place--on frivolous programs, for example, the $2.2 billion spent last year on a program that hands out free cell phones or the $17.6 million paid to PR firms to promote ObamaCare or the $1.7 billion spent in 2010 on ``operating costs'' for the Federal buildings, Federal buildings that are no longer even in use? Madam Speaker, the list goes on.

We must make spending cuts and commonsense reforms. We need a budget that is reflective of growing our economy, not one that continues to grow our government.


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