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Congresswoman Matsui Opposes the Republican Ryan Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-06) released the following statement after she voted against H.Con.Res. 25, the Republican Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Resolution:

"This morning I once again voted against a Republican Ryan budget that would take our country in the wrong direction. We have seen, and rejected, this plan before. This budget would protect the wealthiest at the expense of middle class families, seniors, our economic recovery and our future.

"We should be focused on creating jobs and putting Americans back to work, however this budget would reduce jobs and harm economic growth. It does nothing to replace the crippling, across-the-board sequestration cuts which are estimated to cost 750,000 jobs this year alone. And, according to the Economic Policy Institute, this Republican Ryan budget would cost our country two million jobs in 2014.

"This budget would also slash critical investments in our future with deep cuts in areas such as education, transportation, research and development and energy. It would cut student loan funding by more than $50 billion over ten years and would also let student loan rates double in July, harming our students and making higher education out of reach for many.

"And, as we've seen with previous Republican budgets, the Ryan budget would provide tax breaks for the wealthy while simultaneously breaking promises to our nation's seniors, individuals with disabilities, and children and families. It would end the Medicare guarantee on which seniors depend and would replace it with a voucher that is not guaranteed to keep pace with health care costs. It would slash Medicaid, cutting $810 billion over the next ten years and jeopardizing the health and financial security of the 62 million individuals who rely on Medicaid.

"Once again House Republicans have lined up behind a budget that favors the wealthy at the expense of everyone else, including our economic recovery and our nation's future. While there is no question that we should stabilize our deficit, threatening our economic recovery and cutting programs that benefit our most at-risk populations is not the answer. We need to move away from the political games. We need a budget that will help solve the problems our nation is facing, not protect special interests. I look forward to working with my colleagues to pass budget legislation that is fair and balanced."

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