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Reed: Still No Action from Senate to Avoid Sequestration

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Reed sees sequestration cuts going into effect before Democrats come to the table to find a solution

Rep. Tom Reed today highlighted the upcoming March 1st sequestration deadline and the plans the House has proposed to realign the sequestration cuts, saying it is likely political pressure will be needed before the Senate comes to the table to negotiate.

"Right now, we're looking at a situation where the cuts do go into effect next month and unfortunately, we haven't seen any movement from the Senate to avoid the sequester or work with the House to realign the cuts," said Rep. Reed.

In the time since the White House suggested the sequester as a solution in 2011, the House of Representatives has acted on two pieces of legislation to realign the indiscriminate cuts associated with sequestration.

"We believe there is a better way to cut spending than the arbitrary cuts found in the sequester and are prepared to make cuts elsewhere but we need action from the Senate. We've seen nothing but rhetoric and a renewed call to raise taxes coming from the White House.

"With the unemployment rate near 8% nationally and closer to 10% here in the Southern Tier, another tax increase would only further burden taxpayers. The Democratic Party already got their tax increases and though they want even higher taxes, the fact is this is a spending problem. We need to downsize the federal government, not increase taxes on families to fund an even bigger one."

Sequestration is currently slated to go into effect March 1st. "Unless Democrats put forth a plan, it is looking more and more like we will see these cuts go into effect next month. It may take political pressure as a result of the cuts before Democrats come to the table."

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