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Gingrey supports fiscal responsibility of 'Back to Basics' budget


Location: Washington, DC

Today I voted in favor of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) budget plan for FY 2014 because it is the plan that most seriously addresses the severity of our current budget deficit and spending levels. By creating a four-year path to a balanced budget, cutting $7.6 trillion in wasteful spending, and repealing Obamacare, this budget is truly a step toward getting our fiscal house in order. It also responsibly addresses entitlement reform by giving states maximum flexibility in determining Medicaid eligibility and saves Medicare from insolvency.

Unfortunately, President Obama has failed to show any sort of leadership and has yet to send his budget to Congress. Senate Democrats have produced a plan that increases taxes by $1 trillion and never balances. Their philosophy of raising taxes to pay for increased spending would stifle economic growth, cause small businesses to shed even more jobs, and leave America in debt for generations to come.

The budget I voted for is a fiscally sound plan that cuts spending, prioritizes good stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and creates an environment where Americans can thrive again.

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