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Reed Highlights Program That Flushes Taxpayer Dollars Down the Toilet

Press Release

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Michigan program spends $10,000 on novelty urinal cakes

Rep. Tom Reed's latest "waste, fraud, and abuse" item highlights a Michigan program that used federal funds to purchase talking urinal cakes. Michigan's Office of Highway Safety and Planning spent $10,000 in federal funds on the specialized urinal cakes.

"Criticizing federal programs for flushing tax dollars down the toilet is usually something we say figuratively but it's absolutely absurd when you realize in this case it is literal," said Reed. "While $10,000 may seem like a small amount when considering the massive sum of taxpayer dollars the federal government spends annually, it would go a long way for a family or small business in the Southern Tier or Finger Lakes."

The state of Michigan distributed approximately 400 of the talking devices to bars and restaurants serving alcohol. The intent of the campaign was to highlight alcohol awareness. Each device costs more than $20 and lasts less than three months.

Upon approaching a urinal, a prerecorded message plays for the patron.

"Bringing greater awareness to drunk driving is an important goal but wasting tax dollars on novelty items is not the right approach. There are better cost-effective ways to discourage drunk driving without wasting taxpayer dollars that are not disposable."

Last year, Reed began an initiative to spotlight taxpayer dollars being frittered away by federal agencies. The program has highlighted more than $14,770,934,000 of wasteful spending thus far.

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