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National Journal: "Believe it or Not, There Are Moderates in Congress"

Press Release

Location: Plattsburgh, NY

This week, National Journal released their 2012 vote ratings for Members of Congress. National Journal has, according to their website, compared Members of Congress on an ideological scale for over three decades, scoring them based on roll call votes from the previous year. This year's report, titled "A Deep Divide Between the Parties," listed Congressman Bill Owens among the most centrist Members of the House.

"We face real challenges ahead, from the immediate issue of preventing sequestration to long-term goals like creating good paying jobs," said Owens. "If we're going to get anything done to help grow the economy and protect middle class workers, Members of Congress will have to work together and find common ground. I remain committed to this effort, and believe that if both parties can set aside the partisan battles of the past, we can make real progress in the year ahead."

While National Journal labeled Congress "as paralyzed and polarized as ever," Owens' National Journal score ranked him among the fifteen most centrist Democrats in the House. His score also puts him on a list of fifty centrist Members from both sides of the aisle. National Journal's ranking of the most moderate Members is available here.

Owens is a Member of the House bipartisan working group, a coalition of Members from both parties committed to finding common ground on legislative initiatives. He also is listed among "No Label's" list of Congressional "Problem Solvers," a group dedicated to fostering bipartisan cooperation.

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