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President Bush Sounded Right Themes In State of the Union Message, Pearce Says

Location: Washington, DC

President Bush Sounded Right Themes In State of the Union Message, Pearce Says

Washington, Feb 2 - New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce said Wednesday that President Bush enunciated a new and better direction for America during his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night.

"The United States is facing difficult times ahead, because the world is facing difficult times ahead. President Bush in this speech proved again he has the leadership capabilities to lead America through these trying times," said Pearce.

"I applaud the President for grabbing the bull by the horns on Social Security. We in Congress must work together to keep this program solvent and take care of today's seniors. But we must make the system viable for our younger workers. Our younger workers feel there is more certainty in aliens than the chance that they will receive their Social Security," said Pearce.

"Even though I am glad that the elections in Iraq last weekend were successful, President Bush is right when he said that we need to continue to be focused on the War against Terrorism. Terrorism is real. It is scattered in many places around the world. We must continue the fight in order to provide freedom, security and safety for our country. We in Congress should realize that when it comes to foreign policy, partisan politics stop at the waters edge."

"President Bush", Pearce continued, "is right to advocate a 'guest worker' immigration program, because it would provide temporary work visas to foreign workers as long as U.S. residents cannot or do not want to fill the jobs. I've got good conservative friends of mine who say we should lock the borders down and that we should stop all immigration. My response to them is, you don't understand that we don't have enough workers."

"However, I am against amnesty for illegal immigrants. Amnesties always lead to more illegal immigration. Amnesty doesn't cure the problem; it exacerbates it."

"The border needs to be unfriendly to those things that are illegal and friendly to the legitimate purposes of commerce, visitation and family," said Pearce.

"All in all, the President deserves an 'A plus' for his State of the Union message. It is now up to us in the Congress to put his thoughts into action, while making sure the people we serve are equally represented. I look forward to hearing my constituents' thoughts about the President's message," Pearce concluded.

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