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Call for a Balanced Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. TIPTON. Mr. Speaker, a ``balanced approach'' should not be hardworking Americans give and government takes. This year, the Federal Government will collect a record $2.7 trillion. Federal spending will far surpass this. Continuing to increase revenue while Federal spending grows, with no end in sight, is not a balanced approach. The balanced approach that we should pursue is a budget that balances and a budget that protects the present and builds for the future.

We're presenting a budget that moves to that end and actually balances by slowing the rate of spending increases. This is a concept that the Washington elite will label as extreme. Yet this is a concept that American families call common sense, and something they do every week. American families have watched government grow and their budget shrink. That's not right.

Why is a budget that balances important for the American people? The answer is found in examples that we see now going on in Western Europe. Governments that overspend and, as a result, underperform hurt the people that they're designed to help the most. Our budget will prevent this type of financial crisis from happening in our country. It will keep the promises to our families and seniors and protect the future of the American Dream.

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