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Week in Review: Shea-Porter Works to Stop Sequestration

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

One week after sequestration began creating reckless and irresponsible cuts to our economy, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter worked to protect New Hampshire's middle class from its most harmful effects. From meeting with Granite State veterans to cosponsoring legislation that would replace sequestration with a balanced approach, Congresswoman Shea-Porter is committed to working towards saving the hundreds of thousands of jobs and vital services set to be lost due to this reckless policy.

"Instead of imposing indiscriminate cuts on the Department of Defense and other programs vital to middle class security, we should replace sequestration with a balanced approach that increases revenue, decreases spending, and creates jobs," said Shea-Porter. "I am hopeful that we can compromise to avert these self-inflicted wounds from Washington, but I refuse to accept any plan that fails the test of balance by leaving corporate tax loopholes open and closing the pathway to the middle class."

See below for details from the week.

* Statement to the House Budget Committee about the impact of sequestration on New Hampshire
Congresswoman Shea-Porter issued a statement to the House Budget Committee about the effects of sequestration on New Hampshire, specifically highlighting the importance of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to the region's economy and the country's national defense. She encouraged the committee to replace sequestration's arbitrary cuts with a balanced plan that responsibly cuts spending and removes unnecessary tax breaks for special interests, saying, "In order to keep our national defense strong, I ask you to restore the budget of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to the funding level that existed prior to implementation of the defense sequester."

* Voting Against the Continuing Resolution that, according to the National Journal, "embraced sequestration"
Congresswoman Shea-Porter voted against a Continuing Resolution that reinforces the mindless cuts that will hurt hiring and incomes, slow the recovery, and keep deficits larger than otherwise.

* Meeting with the New Hampshire Veterans
Congresswoman Shea-Porter met with New Hampshire veterans to talk about the sequester's impact on our national security. Although the Department of Veterans Affairs is exempt from sequestration, the Department of Labor's Veterans Transition Assistance Program, which serves over 150,000 veterans a year, would have to reduce operations -- leaving thousands of transitioning veterans unserved as they move from active duty to civilian life.

* Meeting with Major General William N. Reddel III, The Adjutant General, New Hampshire
Congresswoman Shea-Porter spoke with General Reddel about her commitment to averting sequestration.

* Cosponsorship of H.R. 900, the Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013
The set of across-the-board cuts passed into law by the previous Congress - of which Shea-Porter was not a member - was purposely designed to be a bad idea and was never intended to become law. It was supposed to be so unthinkable as to force a compromise -- but it failed. With Congress unable to craft a bipartisan agreement that takes the sequester off the table, Washington has a duty to avert these catastrophic cuts by any means necessary. That is why Congresswoman Shea-Porter cosponsored the "Cancel the Sequester Act," a one-sentence bill that would repeal the section of the Budget Control Act of 2011 that created the sequester.

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy created 246,000 private sector jobs in February and unemployment dropped to 7.7%. This is welcome news and continues to build on 36 consecutive months of private sector job growth. But in order to continue this momentum and avoid the 750,000 American jobs set to be lost this year due to sequestration, Congress must do their job and replace these haphazard cuts with a balanced approach that reduces spending and increases revenue.

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