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Stewart Votes to Pass the Republican Budget: A Balanced Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) voted in favor of the Republican Budget that passed the House of Representatives today. Following the vote, he released the following statement:

"I am proud to have voted in favor of the budget that passed the House today. With our national debt approximately $17 trillion and growing every day, it's obvious that we need to change the spending habits in Washington. The Republican Budget is a reasonable and responsible approach. It tackles the issues that Washington has needed to address for years-- simplifies our broken tax code, protects national security, reforms Medicare and welfare programs so they can be sustainable, and balances the budget within 10 years. It targets wasteful government spending, and reforms the programs that are driving our debt. This balanced budget will foster a healthier economy and help create jobs. It can help save the American dream for our children and grandchildren.

"Unfortunately, against federal law, the president has yet to release his budget, and the budget proposed by the Senate Democrats never balances. It continues to propose that Washington should spend money that it doesn't have. We need a balanced budget and I urge my Senate colleagues and President Obama to commit to these same principles to get us back on a path towards fiscal sanity."

Learn more about the budget here:

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