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House Passes Funding Bill and FY 2014 Budget

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed a budget for Fiscal Year 2014 as well as a stop-gap measure known as a Continuing Resolution (CR) to provide funding for the remainder of the 2013 fiscal year. Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01) supported both measures, and noted that the FY 2014 budget prioritizes national defense and calls for greater development of our energy resources on public lands. The U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in four years.

The FY2014 budget provides $560.2 billion in funding for fiscal year 2014. In addition to providing funds to carry out constitutional obligations to provide for the common defense of our country, it would also replace the defense sequester starting with the next fiscal year. While defense funding is less than the levels found in previous budget resolutions passed by the House, it still provides more funding than if no budget is passed at all and we rely solely on CRs to fund our national defense.

The Continuing Resolution includes a Defense Appropriations bill that provides funding through the remainder of the 2013 fiscal year. It also includes full-year Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bills and it shifts approximately $10 billion within the Department of Defense's (DOD)current budget toward alleviating some aspects of sequestration. This legislation does not go far enough to immediately stop the defense component of sequestration, however it does provides the DOD with greater flexibility to address critical shortfalls as an improved solution to sequestration is sought.

"I am proud that the House has again upheld its responsibility to the American people by passing a budget, outlining funding for essential federal operations, including national defense and domestic energy development. I am also pleased that the Senate followed suit and joined in prioritizing national defense needs in this latest CR. While it is by no means a panacea to the pangs of the defense sequester, it is a step in the right direction, giving commanders improved flexibility to address their maintenance, operations, and training needs. It has been disappointing that the Senate has not passed a budget in more than four years. It is my hope that, like the latest CR, we might reach some type of consensus on a new budget--one that hopefully provides the solutions we need to end the defense sequester," said Bishop.

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