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Statement from Congressman Holding on the House Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman George Holding released a statement following the passage of the House Republican budget:

"It is the responsibility of our nation's lawmakers to balance the budget and lead our country towards a path of prosperity and growth. American families know that they cannot spend money they don't have, yet the government continues to recklessly spend their hard earned taxpayer dollars. Since President Obama assumed office, federal spending has increased by 19% - this is simply irresponsible. We need to rein in spending, balance the budget, and reform our tax code to create jobs and put more money back in the pockets of hardworking Americans.

The Senate Democrats claim that spending coupled with more revenue and taxes is a "balanced approach" yet their plan does not require the federal government to balance its budget -- ever. Their plan increases government spending by $265 billion and raises taxes by $1.5 trillion. It is outrageous to propose increasing taxes again when people are struggling to find work, pay off loans, and support their families.

The House budget rejects the Democrats' failed policies of increasing taxes and more stimulus spending, and offers a plan to balance our budget with fundamental tax reform and cutting spending to reduce our deficit. As a cosponsor of the Balanced Budget Amendment, I supported the House Republican budget plan which puts federal spending back on a sustainable course and will allow businesses to grow and our economy to prosper."

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