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House Passes Responsible Plan to Balance Budget Without Tax Increases


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jo Bonner, R-Alabama, voted for the House's "Path to Prosperity" plan that balances the federal budget in ten years without raising taxes. The House Republican budget passed Thursday by a 221 to 207 margin.

"Americans demand and deserve a responsible federal budget that won't raise taxes," Rep. Bonner said. "They deserve a budget that leads us to balance while also protecting Medicare and Social Security for present and future generations. They deserve a budget plan that provides a sound basis for economic growth and that is what the House passed today.

"Since President Obama took office federal spending has grown by 19 percent and continues to rise while the national debt is at a record $16.7 trillion. The House-passed Path to Prosperity resolution proposes cutting future spending by $4.6 trillion, placing the federal budget on a path to balance in ten years.

"The budget resolution is blueprint, prescribing how we might achieve a balanced budget and pay down our debt over the 10-year window. Since the resolution is not binding, any recommended changes to federal programs it contains must still be considered and passed by both the House and Senate and signed by the president.

"As our country continues to struggle with real unemployment above 11 percent, with businesses reluctant to hire employees or raise salaries due to concerns about the long-term economy, Washington can best respond by exercising fiscal restraint and follow the lead of millions of Americans who balance their budgets.

"The House has passed a balanced budget plan and stands ready to work with the Senate and the president to forge agreement on responsible federal spending and the programmatic changes needed to move our nation forward. "

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